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30.07.2015 | ExePro solution supports surgery planning procedures for surgical blocks,
improve cost efficiency and augments the level of patient safety.
ExePro has developed for its client an innovative solution, which aims to improve widely understood efficiency of the surgical block in a hospital. The Solution can be used both as a standalone application and as an integrated module within a complex IT system to manage operations of the hospital. Technological partner of the project is Orange Poland SA

08.05.2015 | Remote ECG - an advanced solution developed by ExePro.
ExePro signed an agreement with its customer for delivery of an advanced solution for remote ECG. Within the project medical algorithms will be developed jointly with the client. Algorithms will be designed to work with ECG monitoring devices prepared ExePro team.

15.09.2014 | ExePro - provider of smart metering platform.
Pursuing a contract with our client we provided a platform for smart metering. The platform has been constructed to allow easy adaptation to M2M platform capable of supporting a variety of devices and execute a wide range of services.

25.04.2014 | ExePro releases the system for water quality monitoring.
Responding to the growing demand and using its own extensive experience in the field of remote monitoring, after very intensive, lasting several months, analytical work and research, ExePro experts  developed the system that automatically monitors the status of water quality in reservoirs and detects emerging contaminants.

14.03.2013 | ExePro adds BPMN training to education services offer.
The success of BPMN workshop already twice organized by ExePro has led the company to develop a one-day training in the basics of business process modeling using BPMN notation.

22.01.2013 | Business Process Management Workshops pave the way to competence growth.
ExePro has initiated a series of workshops devoted to business process management...
15.09.2012 | ExePro has developed mobile application presenting data for largest companies.
ExePro has successfully finished development and implementation of mobile application for analysis and presentation of corporate data for one of the largest telecommunication operators in Poland...
17.03.2011 | Project Management Competence Center in ExePro.
In pursuing its mission and long-term development strategy, the ExePro has formed within its organizational structure the new entity - Project Management Competence Center, through which the company intends to develop the highest quality project management services for its customers...
15.11.2010 | SuccessFactors selects ExePro as its first business partner in Poland.
On 8 October 2010, SuccessFactors signed an agreement Reseller Agreement with ExePro. In this way, ExePro became the first SuccessFactors business partner in Poland. ..
10.11.2010 | Rapid effects of the framework agreement between Capgemini and ExePro.
Framework Agreement between Capgemini Poland and ExePro signed June 8, 2010 brought quick effect in the form of participation of ExePro consultants in the project of implementation of CRM system by Capgemini Poland for the telecom operator ...
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